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The third 5300teu container ship (chb2023) started construction

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2022/07/16 16:52
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In the afternoon of May 10, the third 5300teu container bow (chb2023) built by Changhong international for the Greek ship owner navios maritime partners L. P. was ignited and started.
The ship has a total length of about 237.8 meters, a shape width of 38.8 meters and a shape depth of 21.8 meters, and is classified into DNV classification society. The design concept of this ship type subverts the narrow and long design concept of the traditional container ship, and adopts the concept of wide body to optimize the line type. The main dimension is far smaller than the current ship type with the same packing volume, and the stability is much better than the traditional container ship. The requirements for ballast water are greatly reduced compared with the similar ship types in the market, saving costs.