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Changhong international signed new shipbuilding order 9 + 2 vessels
Changhong international delivers the first 2300TEU (CHB2007) container ship
The second 2300TEU container ship (CHB2008) of Changhong International was successfully launched
The 5000m³LPG carrier was successfully mounted on the slipway
The company's first 7500m³ liquefied weather filling ship was successfully launched
Putuo Changhong 3100 boxes container trial successful
Changhong International's first 2,700 container ship (CHB085) has successfully returned from sea trial
1800TEU Container Ship (CHB2002) was successfully mounted on the slipway
2300TEU Container ship (CHB2009) was successfully mounted on the slipway
The 1800TEU container ship (CHB2001) was launched successfully
2300TEU container (CHB2007) ship was successfully launched
Changhong International 5000m³LPG cargo ship started operation smoothly
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