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The first 1800TEU container ship (CHB2001) was delivered

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2021/08/14 10:44
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On July 27th, Changhong International delivered the first 1800TEU container ship (CHB2001), which was affected by the epidemic situation and delivered by video. The 1800TEU container ship was built by the company for MTT Shipping, a Malaysian shipowner. It has a total length of 172 meters, a width of 28.4 meters and a depth of 14.2 meters. It is designed with five cargo holds and is classified into DNV Classification Society. The design fully meets the current trend of energy saving and emission reduction, and can effectively reduce fuel consumption and improve the speed. Under the premise that the global container shipping market is booming, it is necessary to deliver ships on time and with good quality to win the reputation of shipowners. This ship is the fifth ship delivered by Changhong in 2021, and this series of ships will be delivered one after another in the near future. Changhong shipbuilding front is on the road of guaranteeing delivery.