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"Changhong Cup" Basketball Match Came to a Successful End

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2015/10/21 00:00
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In order to enrich the cultural life of company staff, to improve the sense of honor, and to enhance the cohesion, solidarity and to foster corporate culture, promote the health of the staff, thus providing a stage of displaying basketball enthusiasts’ youth, our company organized the first "Changhong Cup" basketball match in the 6th door basketball court on Oct. 7th, 2015.

This basketball match has in total of 10 teams participating in it. They are made of each workshop and department setting up the competition, namely: department team of one, two, three, production team of one, two, three, ship repairing team of one, two, recycling company team, and steel gas team. The competition is divided into three stages: preliminaries, knockout and finals, which set up a first prize, second prize, and third prize of each, in order to increase participation of employees' enthusiasm.

The match has carried in great passion. After fierce competition, the No.2 technology department as the main force of the team won this overwhelming championship.

On October 21st, the competition has ended and the winners were filled with excitement in their faces. After the competition, Dai Jiming, the president of Zhoushan Changhong International, said he hoped Changhong International to see this competition as an opportunity, not only on the sport field but also gives full play to work to achieve positive contributions to our company.