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Zhoushan Changhong International held security meeting

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2016/01/12 00:00
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During the Spring Festival, shipping enterprises are facing many problems including tight schedule, fewer personnel, unstable thought of the staff, and many other factors of insecurity. For these reasons, Zhoushan Changhong international Industrial Park held safety meeting on Jan.12th, 2016. The meeting summed up 2016 production safety situation analysis of the current situation and tasks. Zhao Shengrong, Director of City Safety Supervision Bureau, Chen Haiping, Mayor of Dinghai District, and other leaders of the Industrial Park also attended the meeting and made a statement.

Dai Jiming, president of Zhoushan Changhong International Industrial Park, said , as an important international shipbuilding, repairing and dismantling base, Zhoushan Changhong International will always hold a "people-oriented, safe development" way and obtain the concept of zero tolerance for illegal violations to ensure the new year’s safety production work smoothly.

It depends on the effect of production safety and focus on implementation. Zhao Shengrong said that in 2016, Changhong International should be placed on "implementation of the three principles." First, pay close attention to the implementation of the responsibility system. To improve the safe production responsibility system and make concerted efforts to implement the requirements. Second, pay close attention to fulfillment of the system. Leaders should take the lead for law, take the lead system, with the system, according to the system, from top to bottom is formed institution building culture. Third, pay close attention to the implementation of accountability. To be good at discovering problems in time to seize the issue, dare to claim, strict supervision, progress in rectification and in the reflection to move on.