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Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard Achieved keel-laying of 2500TEU Container Ship

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2016/05/28 00:00
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On May 28, 2016, 2500TEU container ship, which Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard built for Shanghai Zhonggu Logistics, successfully achieved the keel-laying by the floating dock connection, creating a new mode of berthing and declaring the whole ship 100,000-ton level berth technology success by Changhong International.

The ship is 179.90m long, between the vertical length 176.85m, with breadth of 32.18m, depth of 16.00m, design draft of 9.50m, and the current state of the total weight of about 7800 tons. Due to the bankruptcy of Wuzhou shipyard, the ship is now made by Changhong International Shipyard for Shanghai Zhonggu logistics for its continued construction. Currently the ship has been put off the pier at Changhong International berth predetermined position, about to enter the subsequent stage of construction.

The whole ship 100,000-ton level berth technology has been a technical difficulty in recent years. This technology leverages the company's existing structure for launching a full set of equipment, including 30,000 tons lifting force floating dock, boat hoist 750 tons shift pulley system and a removal system, virtually no other additional equipment, saving a lot of cost. Through continuous planning and feasibility studies and trials, it has achieved initial results. Compared to other major shipyards’ hydraulic trolley sewer system, more difficulties with higher technical requirements are required, particularly precise positioning off the pier in the floating dock, floating dock loading and unloading feeder berth a boat off the pier positioning and so on.

This successful implementation of the technology is due to hard work of Changhong people, and their active exploration, with the results of bringing the whole aboard the 100,000-ton level berth shipbuilding, ship repairing and ship dismantling, which laid a solid technical foundation to achieve higher capacity. Now the company maximizes 100,000-ton level berth utilization efficiency, to enhance its core competitiveness.