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"HOUHENG 5" which President Xi Inspected Made Trial Triumph

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2016/05/31 00:00
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        On the evening of May 31, 2016, Zhoushan International first ship 250,000 tons of ore ship successfully completed its trial project. It was the one which President Xi Jinping inspected last year when he looked over the dock being built in that ore carrier.


"HOUHENG 5" is different from the construction of the same type VLOC because it is designed with draft deadweight of 250,000 tons, the structure of the draft deadweight of 26.2 million tons, service speed 14.5 knot, EEDI value actually achieved lower than the baseline value of 20 % or more, daily consumption CSR point of 64 tons. The main dimensions are: total length of 327 meters, width of 57 meters, depth 25.5 meters, the design draft of 18.1 meters, draft structure of 18.8 meters. Therefore, during the trial of the pilot project of VLOC, the technical difficulties is greater than before. In order to ensure an orderly trial project conducted in the previous month, the company set up a special leading group, targeting in trials, organizations and departments crack, to invite experienced service providers to join the team trials before the completion of all trials submitted to the system, the owner of the basic defect eliminate state record highs VLOC integrity of the trial.

The trials show along with the Changhong International human spirit and style. Some of the staff fighting dozens of hours only took just five days to complete all the test items, thus returning two days earlier than originally planned. More good news is the owner of the ship inspection trial organization, EEDI speed test, endurance test and other trials host key project fully affirmed. They said, “Vibration and the noise effect of 'HOUHENG 5' are very good; EEDI value and speed exceeded expectations; hope the cooperation entering into a new stage.”

"HOUHENG 5" was built in early May 2015 and launched in November. At the moment, she is about to enter into the blue sea, to open her new life journey.