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Log-in 3100 container ship chb2019 started ignition

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2022/07/16 16:47
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At 8:58 on July 15, 2022, the first 3100 container ship built by Zhoushan Changhong international shipbuilding and Repairing Co., Ltd. for log-in company, a Brazilian ship owner, was ignited and started construction of chb2019. There are two ships in this project. The shipbuilding contract was signed in October 2021, and the delivery dates are expected to be November 2023 and April 2024. The main dimension of the ship is 199.98mx35.2mx17.9m, and the classification society DNV. On the same day, the log-in ship owner witnessed the cloud cutting, and the representatives of fleet supervision team attended the on-site commencement ceremony.
The ship owner log in is mainly engaged in cargo transportation services along the coast of Brazil, and now its own fleet is 1700TEU ~ 2800teu. Operating coastal shipping services include: Amazonas service (SAM), which provides regular routes through southern and northern Brazil; Atlantic South Service (SAS) operates routes connecting Brazil (northeast, Southeast and South) with Mercosur countries, as well as shuttle services connecting Santos, Rio de Janeiro and Victoria ports.