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On the first day of the first month, I was on the production line.
The fifth 5,300 container ship CHB2012 was successfully launched
The first DSV project diving support dock was completed and left the factory
5300 boxes of container ship CHB2011 signed and delivered
Go hand in hand to create a better future | Changhong International 2023 Supplier Recognition Conference was successfully held
Mediterranean shipping started work on two 11,500 dual-fuel container ships
Set sail for 2024 | two 5,300 container ships were grandly named
China's first 16000m³ methanol charging transport conversion ship "Harbour Zhiyuan" finished factory
Skills training to promote the promotion of main engine dual-fuel conversion to open a new bureau - ship repair system to carry out "main engine dual-fuel conversion" training
Provincial development and reform Commission industrial Department deputy director Huang Weijian line of research Changhong
Work together to forge ahead and seek common development | Changhong International Ship repair System and classification society held the annual fraternity
Good news! One of Changhong's technical achievements won the first prize of Zhoushan Workers' Technical Innovation Achievement Award
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