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Three quarters of fighting! The second 115,000 ton product & crude oil ship CHB3002 was fired
The fifth ship! 5300 container ship CHB2012 Cloud named
The 9th 5,300 container ship CHB2026 was successfully launched
The second 50,000-ton tanker CHB5002 is on the slipway
The first 50,000-ton MR Tanker was successfully launched
The fourth 5,300 container ship CHB2024 was signed for delivery
The eighth 5,300 container ship CHB2025 was successfully launched
A perfect ending! LOG-IN's second 3,100 container ship CHB2020 was grandly named
Four + one + one! Changhong International won the Greek ship owner MR Oil tanker order
The first two 11,500 dual-fuel container ships were successfully put on the berth
Two 11,500 container dual-fuel container ships in the Mediterranean started work on the same day
Log-In's second 3,100 container ship, CHB2020, makes a triumphant return to sea trials
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