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Two 3100-container ships of Changhong International were ignited and started

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2021/06/11 16:26
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At 9: 28 on June 8, 2021, two 3100TEU container ships (CHB086) and (CHB087) built by Zhoushan Changhong International Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. for Singapore Sea Consortium Company were ignited and started at the same time. This project is the third new shipbuilding project in which Changhong International cooperates with the shipowner company, with a total of 3+2 ships. The shipbuilding contract was signed on March 31st this year, and now it starts as scheduled. The main dimensions of the ship are 199.98mx35.2mx17.9m, and the classification society DNV has the characteristics of low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. The deadweight and the number of heavy boxes are much higher than those of similar newly designed ships, which improves the economy and competitiveness of the ship type.