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Zhoushan Changhong international and Ningbo Samsung Heavy Industry 30000 tons lifting floating dock lease agreement signed

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2014/11/14 00:00
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In November 14th, Zhoushan Changhong international and Ningbo Samsung Heavy Industry30000 tons lifting floating dock lease agreement signing ceremony was held in Changhonginternational, Changhong international and Ningbo Samsung Corp leadership to participate in the signing ceremony.

Ningbo Samsung Heavy Industries to the Changhong international leased 30000 ton liftingfloating dock "Changhong mountain", is the Ningbo Samsung for the company 50000 tons of finished cruise water project. The contract is valid for December 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017, a total of 8 voyage. Considering the "Changhong mountain" floating dock is leaving the firmforeign operation engineering for the first time, and the Ningbo Samsung Corp berth operation site affected by many unfavorable factors, the whole process is affected by many factorsoutside influence, in order to ensure the safety and production, the related personnel of bothcompanies to do a lot of meticulous work, good every detail of work, to develop and improve the the emergency plan.

"Changhong mountain" floating dock first foreign provide rental services, play advantage of equipment for the company, invigorated the stock assets, mining economic benefit, and actively carry out international cooperation, enhance the visibility of the company will play a positive role.