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Bright and brave stadium situation -- I enterprises won the Dinghai District employees basketball tournament fifth

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2014/11/18 00:00
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In November 14th, organized by the Federation of trade unions of workers basketball Dinghai District enterprise competition held in Zhoushan Dinghai II stadium. From the region of Zhoushan Changhong international shipbuilding limited company union, Zhejiang IslandShipbuilding Co. Ltd., the Union Pacific Ocean Engineering (Zhoushan) Co. Ltd, trade unions and other 8 teams to participate in the.

As early as September Xiao Sha Street basketball, advantage of our enterprises with an overwhelming win first, successfully entered the competition in Dinghai district. The playerseach gearing up, ready to pitch in an exhibition treasures. On the evening of 14, in the firstgroup game, our team defeated the leading ten positive and shipbuilding, easily won the firstgame. However, the second days of competition, but disorders play in the three or four quarter,the weakest in the clouds behind the Wujiu team. The players are not from the defeat of the shadow in Huanguo God, followed the strongest team in oil, this battle is exceptionally difficult,the oil is strong, they be trained with regularity, the game experience. After the match began,the oil in the team with a height advantage frequently attacking the basket, and our team is fully utilized precise perimeter gripped the score, without a sign of weakness. Manager Bao Jie said:"although they are stronger than us, although we did not play a good game, but we still have tohard to spell, the manly than out." But as the game progresses, physical decline resulted fromour team hit rate, oil in the team under the basket for advantages filling. Our team lost just 3 points, missed the semi-finals.

Finally, our team with three wins and two negative record, won the fifth place, although it did not achieve the desired results, but our players on the pitch of hard work and passion, let youunforgettable.

General Union of Dinghai District responsible person said, hold the basketball game, in order to enrich the cultural life of workers between enterprises, promote the communication andunderstanding between enterprises, improve the staff's physical quality. The unions wantthrough the game, can promote the friendly relationship between the enterprises, enhance theentrepreneur team cohesion, fully display the Dinghai District Enterprise style.