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Maersk Drilling "Endurer" disassembled in Zhoushan Changhong International

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2015/09/05 00:00
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Maersk Jack-up drilling platform "Endurer" was just retired from the fleet recently, and arrived for dismantling at Zhoushan Changhong International Ship Recycling Co., Ltd. on Sep. 5th, 2015.

Morten Pilnov, the global head sales of Maersk Drilling, said: “If you ask me why we chose Zhoushan Changhong International, I’d like to say that Zhoushan Changhong International is currently the most advanced drilling platforms dismantling recycling yard, and it is in line with the Hong Kong International Convention and EU safety regulations. Therefore, we have no worry about ship dismantling and it is worthy our trust.

        After "Endurer" drilling platform entered into the port, how to dismantle it has become a new problem in front of the dismantling technician. Different from the past dismantling case of the triangular platform Column drilling platform, it is our very first contact with such complex structures, thus adding the dismantling difficulty. The company leaders and technical staff are striving to explore and develop plans and approaches through ship-owners, drilling platforms dismantling experts and etc.  "Only to find a way to succeed, not to fail to find an excuse". We believe that the company will promptly develop a safe and practical dismantling scheme.