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All departments of Zhoushan Changhong International signed letters of security target responsibility goals.

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2016/02/23 00:00
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On February 23, 2015, Zhoushan International held a safety meeting to inform the security control units target completion of 2015 and made the deployment by 2016 of production safety objectives and priorities plan. Company leadership and the heads of different department signed letters of responsibility for safety goals.

Li Jijun, the executive vice president stressed that we need to do work in more aspects of 2016: One is to strengthen management by objectives and implement the main responsibility. The second is to strengthen education and training and improve the quality of workers. Three is to increase efforts to control and eliminate security risks. Fourth is to enhance emergency response capabilities.

We must clearly understand the difficulty of good safety production. Each security incidents is due to not only improper management, but also not strong new workers’ safety awareness. If not strong sense of responsibility, it is susceptible to result in accidents. Therefore, we need pay attention to the management methods in order to change security production management mechanism and establish innovative ideas and initiatives. Then to increase the intensity of security training and improve the effectiveness of training, while increasing investment in security hardware is reasonable, solid work, strict management, prevention and treatment to achieve safe production.

This year's main goal of the signing of letters of responsibility, which in accordance with "who is in charge, who is responsible” principle, is to implement safe production and "A Pair of responsibility" system. Company security management levels, graded responsibility system. General Manager is responsible for production safety, while vice president in charge of production safety of the whole company.