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2015 annual honoring ceremony being held

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2016/02/25 00:00
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On the morning of February 25, 2016, Zhoushan Changhong International Industrial Park held the annual honoring ceremony for rewarding outstanding managers, advanced workers, advanced collectives and the outstanding collaboration units. About 200 people attended the meeting, including leaderships of Industrial Park, Dai Jiming, Huang Yafeng, Li Jijun, Zhang Jian, Yin Ruifen and all middle-level cadres, and other kinds of advanced workers.


At the very first, Yin Ruifen, the CFO of Zhoushan Changhong International Industrial Park, read about the recognition of decision in 2015 and rewarded annual selection of 8 outstanding managers, 23 advanced workers, 14 advanced collective and 3 outstanding cooperation units. Their efforts allow them to get this honor; the audience applause expressed the heartfelt congratulations.


Subsequently, Dai Jiming, the president, had a speech at the conference, stressing that the meeting is not only to carry forward the spirit of commendation, but also to mobilize the cadres and workers after the Chinese New Year festival atmosphere, and to create a new situation to win their hearts and to further enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility to redouble our efforts to complete the task by 2016, in order to achieve a new leap in Zhoushan Changhong International.


He proposed to advance comrades as an example and learn from them to take company’s prosperity and honor as their own spirit and also learn not afraid of difficulties and gain the courage to fight the spirit of victory. They are manifestation of Changhong International Shipyard of a positive energy company. 


How to fully complete the goals for this year, he made four points.


Firstly, we need to be fully aware of the seriousness of the current economic situation in the long term. Secondly, we need to take concrete and effective measures to enhance our market competitiveness, to strengthen the management team on building, and to improve the ability of the management team. To take full advantage of the company's existing assets, such as docks, floating dock etc., to carry out processing, storage and other business cooperation, increase revenue. Thirdly, we need to strengthen the assessment to reduce costs and to create a cohesive business environment. The fourth point is the requirement of cadres setting a good example and call for employees to their line, dare to use their own behavior to guide others.


 This statement encouraged the present with expectations. I believe that in the coming New Year, we will be more firm determined to seek new development in company.