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Zhoushan Changhong International 2# 64K BC Successfully Launched

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2016/04/19 00:00
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On April 19th, 2016, the #2 64K BC has successfully launched in N0.1 berth. This 64K BC is what Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard made for New Yangtze Shipping (Hong Kong) Company, which is 199.9m long, 32.26 wide, with depth 18.50m, design draft 11.30m. This ship is the second ship in the series, which is designed by SDARI, and the use of imported MAN B & W 5G60ME-C9.2 main engine is a great highlight. Compared with the conventional S-type machine, G-type machine has a longer stroke and lower engine speed which can be improve propeller efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Before launching, the building department held a special planning meeting, in the principle of cost efficiency and optimizing the allocation of resources, further emphasized the main points and considerations for each position. "We consider each launching as the first, we must be careful." Fu Dafei, from No.1 Shipbuilding Department, stressed.

It is understood that the preparatory work connected slipway, floating dock are included. Because many processes, workload, since early April, sector organizations, personnel slide, skateboards, and car inspection and installation, each procedure is strict. For "Changhong Shan" floating dock from Samsung Heavy Industries Ningbo Depot late, 2 # 63500 Boat connections to the preparatory work were particularly urgent. Taking into account the uncertainties of weather, site personnel are not afraid of difficulties; seize the time, overnight temporary winch, floating dock slide installation and inspection work for the follow-up pulley mounted leave enough time.

"2016 will continue to be a depressed year in shipbuilding market; we will make innovation and upgrading to spare 'internal strength', to complete the task of delivery of the ship." Fuda Fei said.