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The sixth 5,300 container ship CHB2013 was successfully launched

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2024/04/07 08:58
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At 19:38 on April 5, Zhoushan Changhong International served the Greek ship owner NAVIOS MARITIME PARTNERS L.P. The sixth 5300TEU container ship CHB2013 was successfully connected to the floating dock, marking the successful completion of the launching node of the ship. After launching, the ship will be docked for overall lifting and subsequent outfitting of the wharf.

The site office of the shipowner, DNV classification Society and company leaders participated in the launching ceremony.

The ship is about 237.8 meters in length, 38.8 meters wide and 21.8 meters deep, and is classified by DNV classification Society. The ship type design concept subverts the traditional long and narrow design concept of container ships, adopts the concept of large and wide body to optimize the line line, and is equipped with the optimized power reduction host, low fuel consumption, EEDI energy consumption index, etc., which is more than 30 lower than the baseline index, meeting the requirements of phase 3. Equipped with a 2.5-layer ligation bridge, this series can carry 3845 14T containers, 145-345 more than other designs in the same class, with 1000 cold box sockets, can carry 750 cold boxes at the same time, equipped with ultra-low sulfur oil systems, AMP, SCR and BWMS, green and meet the latest specifications.

There are a total of 10 ships in the 5300-box series, of which 2 have been delivered so far.