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Mediterranean shipping started work on two 11,500 dual-fuel container ships

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2024/01/18 13:20
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At 10:28 am on January 18, as the owner representative started the cutting machine button, in the noise of fireworks, Changhong International for the Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) to build the third and fourth 11,500 container LNG dual fuel container ships (CHB2029 and CHB2030) ignition started, the first two ships have been started in October last year. Site representatives of MSC, DNV classification Society and some employees of Changhong International attended the ceremony.

The ship has a total length of 335 meters, a width of 45.6 meters, a depth of 25 meters, and a design speed of 20 knots. At present, Changhong International holds 20 Mediterranean shipping orders, of which 10 are 11,500 cartons and 10 are 10,300 cartons, all of which are LNG dual-fuel container ships, classified into DNV, LR and BV classification societies respectively.

The 11500 container ship series is a new generation of 10,000 container class dual-fuel container ship independently developed and designed by CIMC Ship Design Institute (CIMC ORIC) with full intellectual property rights. The ship is equipped with the largest Type C LNG fuel storage tank in its class, and the range of both the LNG mode and the fuel mode can meet the needs of a single round trip on the classic Central Europe or Central America route, ensuring the flexibility of the owner's operating plan.

At the same time, it also has the characteristics of clean environmental protection and low carbon emission, and can save about 5% fuel compared with the existing ships of the same type. The Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is approximately 40% lower than the IMO's stringent Phase 3 emission baseline. The design has a very good technical foresight, not only using LNG and traditional fuel dual-power propulsion form, but also using the industry's most cutting-edge ammonia fuel "reserved (Ready)" design. In terms of safety, in addition to the conventional CO2 and dry powder fire extinguishing system, the fixed water cannon fire extinguishing system located on the deck is also added, so that all containers carried on the deck of the ship can be covered by the fire extinguishing system, which greatly improves the safety level of the ship.