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The European Union formally announced the scrapping act

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In December 10th, the new bill EU Shipbreaking officially published in the official journal of the European Union, and in 20 days, which entered into force on December 30th.

The bill comes into effect, the terms will be mainly divided into three stages of implementation.One is the provisions of Shipbreaking factory authorized will begin to implement in December 31, 2014. Two is the other main terms will be after December 31, 2015, when the European Unionall authorized ship dismantling plant total maximum annual dismantling volume reached 2500000tons of light 6 months after the date of implementation. If the amount of dismantling did not meet this standard, the bill later will be implemented in December 31, 2018. Three is the list of substances harmful to the relevant provisions of the ship to the end of 2020 the implementation.

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