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The first 2500 TEU Container Ship (chb076) was successfully piloted

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2022/09/01 16:18
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At 8:00 a.m. on August 26, Zhoushan Changhong international built a 2500 TEU Container bow ship (chb076) for Shangjing logistics, completed all the planned trial projects, and successfully returned to the factory after the three-day trial. This is also the first ship that Changhong tried to sail this year.

The ship was launched on June 22, with a total period of 63 days from the start of the trial run, which set the fastest record since the establishment of Changhong factory. After several months of intense heat and the heavy impact of the global outbreak of COVID-19, the construction of the ship is particularly difficult. With the strong support of the company's leaders, the project management team made plans in advance, innovated and created working methods, actively coordinated various resources, strengthened communication with the ship owner's ship inspection, overcame the impact of equipment arrival delay caused by the epidemic, and successfully achieved the set trial objective. At present, the project team is organizing to sort out the trial opinions and implement the follow-up remaining work as planned, and spare no effort to ensure that the ship is delivered on time with quality and quantity guaranteed.

The 2500 TEU project has a total of 8 ships, which are developed and designed by CIMC design and Research Institute and are classified into Lloyd's register of shipping. The ship has a total length of 171.95 meters, a profile width of 32.2 meters, a profile depth of 16.7 meters, and a design speed of 18 knots.