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Launch of 3100TEU container first ship (chb086)

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2022/07/16 16:53
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At 6:30 a.m. on June 15, the first 3100TEU container ship (chb086) built by Changhong international for Singapore sea consortium was successfully launched. The project orders a total of five ships, with a length of 199.98 meters, a shape width of 35.2 meters and a shape depth of 17.9 meters. For the first time, the world's most advanced horizontal slipway transfer technology was adopted for the launch of the ship. Among the first-class shipping enterprises with horizontal slipway, they all take this as the goal to carry out technical transformation. The overall use state is excellent, the transfer and connection efficiency is high, and the transfer process is safe and controllable. The overall system of this technology is networked, digitally controlled, intelligently operated and operated. The maximum ship moving capacity is increased to 19000 tons of self weight, and the space for lifting is reserved. It can be shifted by half a ship. It can save 5 days / ship, 20 operators / ship, and 500 hours / ship. This is also the content of Changhong International's 100000 ton level slipway intelligent technology transformation project with an investment of 80million this year, which is specially "tailored" for the batch construction of container ships.