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The second 7500m ³ Delivery of LNG transportation bunkering ship (s1050)

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2022/02/08 09:01
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On January 5, 2022, the company delivered the second 7500m to Nantong CIMC Pacific Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd ³ LNG transportation and filling ship "Avenir ascension". The ship has a total length of 115.8m, a profile width of 19m and a profile depth of 11.80m. It is classified into DNV classification society. The ship is equipped with two C-type LNG cargo tanks. The minimum working temperature of the liquid tank is - 163 ℃, the maximum working pressure is 4.5 barg, and the main propulsion device is two full rotation thrusters. The ship adopts electric propulsion, is equipped with dual fuel generator set and efficient full rotation propeller, meets the requirements of ice class 1b ice area, and has complete LNG filling function. It is the first ship delivered by Changhong international in 2022.