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Ningbo Hefeng creative Square Investment Management Co., a line to visit our factory

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2014/11/24 00:00
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[Washington] on November 24th afternoon, Ningbo Hefeng creative Square InvestmentManagement Limited company is responsible for the relevant people to visit our factory.Changhong international chairman Li Hongwei, President Dai Jiming, executive vice presidentLi Jijun accompanied.

Ningbo Hefeng creative square is Ningbo City Hall key project, aims to create a set of industrialdesign and creative, research and development, trade, exhibition and other functions in one of the "2.5" industrial agglomeration area. Company executives are senior professionals engaged in the development, investment industry. This time to visit our company, is a good opportunityto show them our corporate image and the plant scale, is also the further understanding of the favorable opportunity to our enterprise production capacity and technological level.

Li Dong introduced the company's existing facilities scale, the production and business operation to the guests, and accompanied the guests visited the first phase terminal, two stageharbor and ship hull workshop and other production site, the feeling of the company throughout the factory appearance and production environment. Through the visit and listen to the explanation, everyone on the Changhong international business philosophy, advanced production technology and the good momentum of rapid development in recent yearsexpressed a strong interest and identity, and to further strengthen and expand the ChanghongInternational showed great confidence.

Then, researchers held a forum on the first floor conference room, exchange experience, talk about visiting Chuangqi experience and a group photo. Ningbo Hefeng creative companyrepresentatives fully affirmed the strategic new Changjiang group and Changhong system in Zhoushan investment, said Marvel on plant size and production site. Through this study, shows the broad prospects of Changhong international enterprises, quality products will start shootingChanghong brand, in the local Zhoushan, and even the country's shipbuilding market win support among the people. More cooperation between the two sides to lay a good foundation for the future.