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Changhong international 900 tons gantry crane successfully entered the phase of ascension

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2014/12/13 00:00
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[Washington] in December 13th, Changhong international 900 tons of large gantry cranesmoothly into the girder lifting stage. Half a month is expected to be complete ascension in place, then will enter a stage of electrical installation and commissioning. Early in January next year plans to complete the installation and debugging and commissioning.

The promotion since the beginning of December 13th, compared with the previous two sametype crane compared, due to bad weather effects, limited by space and complex conditions, the difficulty of construction is relatively large, but the joint efforts of the construction unit Jiangsu Hua Cheng heavy industry leadership in the company and the relevant person in charge of the project, technical people and still working in the field, carefully organization, fine management,overcome various unfavorable factors, serious work, to ensure that the machine can smoothlycomplete ascension.

The gantry crane span 236.5 meters, the clearance height 80 meters, is the dock equipment, itis put into use, will improve the ability in the sub total group, realize fast carry, shorten the production cycle and other aspects play an important role, and Changhong factory lifting capacity bring qualitative improvement. As the key content of construction this year Changhonginternational, engineering general contracting parties Jiangsu Huacheng heavy industry is a country with lifting machinery and special equipment manufacturing license qualification, has a strong design, heavy equipment manufacturing and installation of the ability of the company,has designed to make a variety of similar hoisting equipment and successful application.Company project team in March of this year in our factory to block construction, assembly operations. During the period, I plant project group to act with united strength, cleaning, in theassembly site structure, segmented transport kinetic energy security, safety supervision, public security and other closely. In order to ensure the safety of the process of ascension, the two sides also conducted a security expert review, and in ascension actively prevent windmeasures and do the perimeter security strictly.

It is understood, Changhong international 100000 ton dock and 400000 ton dry dock original lifting supporting equipment for four sets of 5070 portal crane, dock, with total group liftingcapacity is weak, because the maximum lifting weight, lifting range limit, ship building can onlyship smaller segment carrying or rental of large crane equipment complete flight, and aerial work more, the human cost, dock with long cycle. Crane 900 tons of finished after delivery,further promotion of all kinds of large-scale, ultra large vessels and marine products, repairand construction of modern shipbuilding mode.