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Zhoushan Changhong international port opening ushered in after the first outer "bright" wheel into the factory repair

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2014/12/19 00:00
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[Washington] on December 19th afternoon, a ship of 180000 DWT bulk carrier "Hongkong JiMing" wheel slowly into the Zhoushan Changhong International Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. No. 1dock, start with the docking repair, coating engineering based repair. This is Zhoushan Changhong international in October this year through open port after acceptance, to undertake the first foreign vessel repairs, before the end of this month, will also have 2 foreign vessel gradually into the factory repair.

"Bright" round total 91373 tons, 58745 net tons, 177921 tons of load. The long high width respectively: 292 meters, 45 meters, 24.8 meters. As early as in the "bright" wheel into the harbor front, all the preparatory work has been carried out smoothly. The actuarial risk and the corresponding preventive measures, to strengthen the night operation safety and environmentand the organization of the hand inspection; in addition, actively cooperate with the ship,procurement and outsourcing parties, to ensure production security. Deputy general manager Ma Weidong pointed out: with the owner to open good communication meeting also needsrepairing before, ensure repair work smoothly, ensure the quality strictly.

Production manager Gu Yijiang said must comply with the company leadership instructions,successfully completed the foreign ship repair. And the technical department and docking repair Ministry said on the spot, will actively cooperate, grasp the "bright" wheel repair work.

Ocean shipping into the factory repair, ship repairing enterprises is based on the international market competition, but also a manifestation of Changhong international overall quality level.Since our test operation, in a short period of time have a certain market competitiveness. Yearto undertake the COSCO Zhoushan, Ningbo fuming shipyard, Jiangnan Heavy Industry and other well-known owner of the business, and received favorable comments from the owner. The successful undertaking "bright" repair, is a major breakthrough in our foreign ship repairbusiness achieved, development for our ship repair, which lays a solid foundation.