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Another ship in Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard Undocked after Xi’s first visit.

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2016/05/25 00:00
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At 16:15 on May 25, 2016, Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard second ship 250,000 dwt ore carrier held an undocking ceremony. On this day, it has been a year from the President Xi Jinping ‘s visit.

The ship named "HOUHENG 6” is a huge ore carriers which Zhoushan Changhong Shipyard built for GSI to comply with the concept of green and environmental protection. It is also the sister ship of  "HOUHENG 5" which President Xi has inspected. It is about 327 meters long and 57 meters wide, molded depth of 25.5 meters and the design draft of 18.1 m, speed 14.5 knot, classified by DNV GL. After operating this type of merchant, it is mainly used for ore transportation between Australia and China. The main dimensions of the ship are entering the major iron ore export port in Western Australia which can accommodate a maximum dimension.

"Our series of 250,000 DWT Ore Carrier built requires high demand and huge workload. The experience is a little bit in the way out." No.2 shipbuilding department head Zhang Yiquan introduced. The ship began to build last year, and successfully docked at the end of the year. More than six hundred workers got into this construction work. Though encountering some difficult problems, Changhong People worked together to figure them out..

General Manager Assistant Wang Jiazheng said: the world's shipbuilding enterprises are mainly concentrated in Japan and South Korea, and the entire industry downturn, the reason why the company has been able to hold on in such difficult time, not only because the strong support from all quarters, but also because of Changhong’s capability in ship construction, repairing, dismantling and marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry chain, with strong market competitiveness and ability to resist risks.

It is understood that, "HOUHENG 6" after undocking, will enter a tight ship outfitting work, expected a trial voyage in July. The "HOUHENG 5" will also be on a five-day trial of the 27th of this month. Changhong‘s busy production plan in May, with successful completion of a ship dock, ship trials, ship(CHB005) delivered.