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The smooth delivery of the first vessel got Changhong a flying start

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2017/02/22 00:00
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      In the afternoon of 22nd , Feb, a 250,000 DWT VLOC named ”HOUHENG 5”was firstly delivered to its ship owner “GSI(Guangchuan International )”.The vessel’s deadweight at designed draft is 250,000, at scantling draft is 262,000 tons, the service speed is 14.5 knots, the practical EEDI value is 20% lower than that of the baseline value, the daily oil consumption at CSR is 64 tons. Its principle dimensions show as follows: length over all 327 meters, moulded breadth 57 meters, moulded depth 25.5 meters, designed draft 18.1 meters, scantling draft 18.8 meters. This vessel was the largest tonnage vessel Chang Hong ever built.