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Changhong cooperates to build a large deep sea fishing ground and delivers it smoothly

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2020/03/22 00:00
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On the morning of March 22, "ssff150 single column semi submersible deep sea fishing ground" channel 1 "was successfully connected and will be transported to the target sea area for installation and then delivered to the owner for use.
The fishing ground is a joint construction project of Fujian Mawei shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Zhoushan Changhong international ship repair and Construction Co., Ltd. It is a single column and cone bottom structure, with a total height of 48.18 meters, a maximum diameter of 140 meters, a cage height of 12 meters, an effective aquaculture water body of about 150000 square meters, and an overall total weight of nearly 10000 tons (including cement ballast). 334 axis vehicles are put into the connection work.